Blockasset Weekly Newsletter: 09/03/23


We begin this week’s newsletter with an apology. We know you look forward to reading these updates each and every Monday - so, we’re sorry for making you wait so long for this week’s edition. However, you’ll understand when you realise just how busy the last couple of weeks have been.

Let’s start this week’s newsletter by celebrating our monumental new partnership with Web3 sport powerhouse Chiliz. This is absolutely massive news for Blockasset, our loyal community members, $BLOCK holders, our athlete partners and just about everyone linked to Blockasset. It’s also huge for Chiliz and their community - hopefully there are some of you reading this update. If that’s the case, make sure you join our Discord! Above all else, this partnership is a huge deal for sports fans in general.

You can read more about the partnership with Chiliz on the official press release, or our own news article. If you’re thinking “TLDR”, then here’s some bullet points to sum things up:

  • Blockasset & Chiliz have agreed a partnership

  • As part of this partnership, Blockasset is moving to a cross-chain model (we’ll be building on both Solana and Chliz Chain 2.0)

  • Chiliz has made an equity investment into Blockasset via their research and innovation incubator, Chiliz Labs

  • We’ll be working closely with the team at Chiliz and to transfer knowledge, networks and opportunities to help both organisations continue growth.

If you have been a part of the Blockasset community for any length of time - you’ll realise that yesterday’s announcement is just the beginning. Over the next few weeks, watch out for some fresh athlete content, which will help us continue to celebrate and spread news on this partnership.

Product Update

Now, what’s the point in announcing a partnership of this magnitude, if you cannot convert this additional interest and exposure into something of tangible value?

Well, that’s a good question… and, thankfully, our Product Team stepped up with the answers. Have you seen our new homepage yet? If not, stop what you’re doing immediately and check it out here.

We saw some nice spikes in traffic off of the back of yesterday’s announcement - and with a huge 1 in 4 of these users signing up for early access to our athlete token platform (yes, 1 in 4 - a gigantic 25% conversion rate, when our old site was getting by at 1%), momentum is already building ahead of our MVP platform release. We’re just getting started here, guys!

What else is in the pipeline? We’re now extremely close to releasing our new NFT Marketplace (you’re going to love this) and a completely new product for our BLOCK SIX UFC predictions game (we’re hoping to go live with this before UFC 286). Our Product team is also working on some UI enhancements to our new staking platform, and is also slowly chipping away at a new rewards store platform (think BLAZE 2.0)

If that’s not enough for you, then we also have a list of bug fixes to share this week:

NFT staking

 ⁃ Users will now get a warning when they un-stake their NFTs that they are entering a 7 day rest and recovery period

 ⁃ Users will now be able to see their NFTs that are in rest and recovery, with a countdown timer

 ⁃ Daily ASSET rewards are now visible for NFTs in training

If anyone is having issues with NFTs not showing up on the platform, please try a different internet connection/mobile hotspot, there is a known issue with Arweave and ISPs, we are working on a fix.

BLOCK token staking

 ⁃ Users can now claim BLOCK rewards after their 7 day cooldown period has finished


 ⁃ In Blaze you can now filter by ‘Your Wins’

Media and Marketing Update

Some of the more attentive of you may have realised something slightly different about the email you’ll have received to bring you to this week’s update. Well, we are getting ready for our athlete token platform launch by building all the necessary foundations we will need to offer you the best experience possible. So, we have begun this process by taking a look at marcomms - and we now have a shiny new email provider.

We could go into this deeper, but it’s kind of boring… just be assured that it’s good news for the wider project. We’ll be able to segment our users, to target people with certain defined interests with relevant communications automatically upon predetermined trigger points. I did warn you it’d be boring…

Let’s *ahem* spice things back up with some news from the media team. 

We have soooo much new athlete content coming your way! The guys have been working across a multitude of locations to bring our athletes together to celebrate our partnership with Chiliz. If there’s one thing we’re proud of at Blockasset, it’s our athlete media. This new content is right up there with the best material we have produced, so follow us (links below) and turn those notifications on. 


Finally, the whole team would like to express our gratitude for your support throughout February with our $BLOCK growth campaign. With your support, we helped raise awareness of $BLOCK, educate new users, bring in new holders and build some solid foundations for this week’s announcement. The results spoke volumes of the support and faith you showed in us and the media we pushed out, with growth of approximately 400% over the month of February.

This is just the start though. $BLOCK showing strength in a bull market, a monumental partnership with Chiliz, an influx of new users (with that 25% conversion rate!) and we haven’t even released our athlete token platform yet…

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