Playboy Expects to Launch MetaMansion Virtual World This Year

The adult entertainment brand, Playboy, announced a partnership with Animoca Brands last year

Playboy's Web3 Lead, Liz Suman, revealed metaverse plans at NFT Paris

Users without a Rabbitar will have access to the MetaMansion, but they may not be able to access all of the virtual world's "cool places."

Liz Suman, Playboy's Web3 lead, shared with Decrypt during NFT Paris that the virtual world is scheduled to launch this year. She also mentioned that there will be opportunities for non-Rabbitar community members to participate.

“It’s been the plan all along for the Rabbitars to be the VIPs of the MetaMansion experience,” Suman, who is VP for art, editorial, and Web3 at the 70-year-old media brand, explained in an interview.

“That is still very much the case, while also opening it up in this way that’s integrating The Sandbox’s community, maybe onboarding other people who are interested in web3 [...] and making a space that is a place for everyone.”

Last summer, the collaboration between the project and Animoca Brands's The Sandbox was announced. However, additional information about it has remained undisclosed thus far.

Suman referred to the MetaMansion as the guiding principle behind the company's Web3 strategy. This project expands on Playboy's previous endeavours in the metaverse.

In 2021, the organisation released its initial NFT collection, utilising its extensive library of photography and artwork.

Towards the end of the same year, the "Rabbitar" avatars were launched, offering 11,953 NFTs of the 3D rabbit character for purchase. As per OpenSea, a leading NFT marketplace, the overall trading volume of this collection had surged to 2,779 ETH at the time of writing, which is worth over $4.5 million.

Suman mentioned that while it should be feasible for non-Rabbitar holders to enter the MetaMansion, some "cool places" would not be accessible without one. Unfortunately, there were no further specifics available about the precise date when the MetaMansion would become operational. However, Suman verified that "the target is for it to launch sometime this year."

In a more comprehensive analysis of media companies stepping into the metaverse, Suman expressed that she would encourage traditional media sceptics to examine the industry more closely to comprehend its potential.

“A lot of things are changing and evolving in real-time, and I think it’s too soon to have a verdict,” she said. “There’s a real opportunity for storytelling that is not traditional. To me, that’s what’s interesting.”


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