The Pokémon Company Is Looking To Hire Web3 Expert

Japanese entertainment giants rumoured to be looking into metaverse and NFT releases

The Pokemon Company is looking to move into Web3 with new hire

An exciting job opportunity has opened at The Pokémon Company, with the Japanese entertainment organisation seeking a Web3 expert to join their team.

Other developers have attempted to realise the monster-battling concept of the video game franchise in Web3, but with significant failures. Nevertheless, a new job listing suggests that The Pokémon Company, a joint venture between Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures, may be considering entering the Web3 arena.

The company posted a job listing for a Corporate Development Principal, who would provide advice on strategy to the leadership team and investigate new innovations. The Pokémon Company is seeking an individual who is already well-versed in the Web3 landscape.

The company is searching for a candidate with extensive expertise and comprehension of Web3, encompassing blockchain technologies, NFTs, and/or metaverse. However, they require someone who is already deeply entrenched in the field and are seeking applicants who have established networks of investors and entrepreneurs in the technology sectors related to Web3 and metaverse.

The job posting does not provide a definitive indication of the type of ventures that The Pokémon Company may embark on in Web3, whether it pertains to NFTs or a game founded on blockchain technology. Decrypt attempted to contact the company for clarification on their prospective Web3 undertakings but has not received an immediate response.

Nevertheless, the listing implies a position that would foster innovation at the 24-year-old company, which oversees what has been dubbed the most valuable entertainment franchise globally. The Corporate Development Principal would spearhead an internal "innovation challenge" and examine potential collaborations with external firms related to novel technologies.

The Pokémon Company is responsible for managing the extensive range of games, media, and merchandise derived from the long-standing franchise, encompassing console and mobile games, TV shows, movies, toys, apparel, and other ventures and tie-ins. Although Nintendo publishes all of the franchise's console video games outside of Japan, it does not own the Pokémon franchise outright.

The concept of capturing monsters, as seen in the Pokémon franchise's "gotta catch 'em all" premise, may be an ideal match for NFT-based games or collectible digital assets. Despite the absence of an official offering, other teams have endeavoured to create such a concoction.

Pixelmon, the most prominent unofficial example, generated $70 million in NFT sales in early 2022, but their artwork was widely ridiculed upon its release. Even the founder acknowledged that the art reveal was a "terrible mistake." In an attempt to save the project, a new leadership team assumed control in September and introduced updated artwork and a redefined roadmap.

According to Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa, in February 2022, the gaming behemoth recognizes the "tremendous potential" of the metaverse, which constitutes a more immersive and interactive version of the internet used for gaming, socializing, work, and other activities. However, he emphasized that Nintendo is not in a hurry to develop games for the metaverse.

In the meantime, Niantic, the developer behind the wildly successful mobile game Pokémon Go, is exploring what it refers to as a "real-world metaverse" of games founded on augmented reality. Furthermore, Niantic has established a platform that other companies can use for NFT-driven experiences, such as Pixelynx's Elynixr, a music metaverse game co-founded by electronic musician Deadmau5.


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